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What was Harlequin Players all about? The more than 200 alumni of the company have struggled for over four decades to answer that question on a philosophical level, and the perfect answer will never be forthcoming. But, for a practical answer to the question, we can do no better than this description, penned by Anthony Vintcent in 1966:
"The Harlequin Players, under the direction of Anthony Vintcent, will present a play a week for six weeks during the months of June and July. The experience offered to every student is one which involves each area of theatre. During the season a student will be expected to participate in all areas of production -- one week as an actor, the next as a stagehand, the third doing publicity, and so on. The result of this varied experience is to give a student the feeling that he is an essential party to the whole group, and so, in fact, he is. The student learns to use his hands, to work with electricity, with paint, and more important, with other people. He learns an awareness of responsibility to the company. It is through the enthusiasm and dedication shown by the students that all things are made possible."
And so, many years later, we dedicate this website to a unique formative experience in our lives, to the inspirational teachers and leaders that made it possible, and to the lifelong bond we all share as a result.

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