2023–2024 Executive Committee

President – Cindy Hanson
President-Elect  – Katherine Steinbrueck 
VP Communications – Rachel Richards
VP Communications-Elect – Rita Han
VP Celebrate Community – Chris Kennington
Secretary – Adrianne Bagley
Treasurer – Malia Mitchell
Treasurer-Elect – Susie Isaac
Upper School Coordinator – Jennifer Gordy
Middle School Coordinator – Julia Kaufman
Lower School Coordinator – Ashley Ellis
Parliamentarian – Julie Clark 

2023–2024 Board of Directors 

Athletic Banquet
Co-Chair – Cynthia Everitt 
Co-Chair – Monique Hohmann
Athletic Liaisons – Lower School
Co-Chair – Danny Ellis (1st,3rd)
Co-Chair – Grant Ruckel (2nd, 4th)
Athletic Liaisons – Middle School  
Co-Chair – Greg Tevis (6th)
Co-Chair – Patrick Barker (5th) 
Co-Chair – Amy Laczkowski
Co-Chair – Mary Yang
Blue & Gold Day – Middle & Upper School
Chair – Jeanne Medland
Blue & Gold Day – Lower School 
Co-Chair – Alli Eagan
Co-Chair – Lynette Page
Co-Chair – Megan Ratcliff
Co-Chair – Christina White
Ice Cream Dads
Co-Chair – Dan Clifford
Co-Chair – Kevin Peck
Co-Chair – Hampton Richards
Co-Chair – Allen White
Celebrate Community 
Co-Chair – Desiree Rogers
Outreach Chair
Chair – Heather Aldis
Chair – Linsley Smith 
Faculty/Staff Appreciation – Birthdays  
Co-Chair – Stephanie Williams
Co-Chair – Sarah Katherine Zavala
Faculty/Staff Appreciation – LS Conference Luncheons  
Chair – Kendra Allen
Faculty/Staff Appreciation – All F/S Luncheons 
Co-Chair – Anne Hyun 
Co-Chair – Andrea Palladino
Faculty/Staff Appreciation – Monthly MS & US 
Co-Chair – Stacy Calder
Co-Chair – Janelle Pinnell
Co-Chair – Tori Schubert
Faculty/Staff Appreciation – Monthly LS 
Co-Chair – Roshani Patel
Co-Chair – Lynne Vaz
Faculty/Staff Appreciation – Maintenance, Security and Cafeteria Breakfast
Co-Chair – Elizabeth Hofmann
Co-Chair – Binky Majumder
Fall Fun Day
Co-Chair – Victoria Cullum
Co-Chair – Merritt Russ

Hockaday/St. Mark’s Joint Meeting 
Chair – Dawn Zierk

Holiday Decorations 
Co-Chair – Meg McGonigle
Co-Chair – Preeta Monga

Co-Chair – Dana Dunbar
Co-Chair – JoJo Fleiss
Co-Chair – Karin Hoverman
Co-Chair Elect – Erin McKool
Co-Chair Elect – Tiffany Rubi
Co-Chair Elect – Suzanne Turner
Co-Chair – Kim Benavides
Co-Chair – Akua Dickson
Junior Patrons’ Guild 
Co-Chair – Debbie Merryman
Co-Chair – Melissa Ridzinski
Library – Green Library 
Chair – Teresa Katsulos
Library – Lower School 
Chair – Brenda Nickel
Chair-Elect – Heidi Pickens

Lions' Closet 
Co-Chair – Kelly Barker 
Co-Chair – Maile Shea
Co-Chair Elect – Yan Gao
Co-Chair Elect – Amanda Trevino
Co-Chair Elect – Sarah Wu
Lion Pride (All School Spirit Party)  
Co-Chair – Lea Guiler
Co-Chair – Johannah Kersey
Co-Chair Elect – Crissy Jimenez
Co-Chair Elect – Tiffany Wilmer
Lost & Found 
Co-Chair – Jessica Green
Co-Chair – Natalie Miller
Chair – Susan Chao Reed
New Families 
Chair – Stephanie Harbour
Student Store  
Chair – Katie Erxleben
Upper School Spirit Parties 
Co-Chair – Priscilla Daigle
Co-Chair – Andrea DeValdenebro
Co-Chair – Bonnie Lance
Co-Chair – Erin Schuhmacher
Co-Chair – Rachel Wallace
Volunteer SignUp Genius  
Chair – Lisa Kirby
Voter Registration
Chair – Moyo Ajaja
Chair-Elect – Amy Peck
Hockaday PA President  – Courtney Johnson
2023–2024 Class Representatives
12th Grade Reps
Jennifer Applbaum
Judy Hsu Bosita
Allison Levy
Elizabeth Perry-Miller

11th Grade Reps
Candy Peterson
Shanin Wilburn

10th Grade Reps
Ann Hochman
Aisha Tahirkheli

9th Grade Reps
Amanda Elliott
Mary Houston

8th Grade Reps
Elayna Erick
Miranda O’Rear

7th Grade Reps 
Brooke Bremer
Alison Stone

6th Grade Reps
Stephanie Langford
Anne Robinson

5th Grade Reps 
Tara Lowe
Sarah Neuhoff

4th Grade Reps
Karen Belgiovine
Christen Redlich
Ann White

3rd Grade Reps
Maggie Moran
Mari Ruckel
2nd Grade Reps
Ashley Elsalameen
Erin Leu

1st Grade Reps
Sara Gail
Emily Roosevelt

St. Mark’s School of Texas

10600 Preston Road
Dallas, Texas 75230

About Us

St. Mark’s School of Texas is a private, nonsectarian college-preparatory boys’ day school for students in grades 1 through 12, located in Dallas, Texas. St. Mark’s aims to prepare young men to assume leadership and responsibility in a competitive and changing world.

St. Mark’s does not discriminate in the administration of its admission and education policies on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin.