2020–2021 Executive Committee

President – Katherine Steinbrueck
President-Elect – Megan Sun
VP Communications – Whitney Strauss
VP Celebrate St. Mark’s – Jennifer Applbaum
Secretary – Jennifer Gordy
Treasurer – Moha Yepuri
Treasurer-Elect – Stephanie Anderson
Upper School Coordinator – Julie Clark
Middle School Coordinator – Mary Dalrymple
Lower School Coordinator – Tammy Lightfoot
Parliamentarian – Leigh Koch

2020–2021 Board of Directors 

All School Spirit Night
Co-Chair – Kimberly Clark
Co-Chair – Heidi Hill
Athletic Banquet
Co-Chair – Amy Ochs
Co-Chair – Janet Gridley
Athletic Liaisons – Lower School
Co-Chair – Jim Francis
Co-Chair – Rick Smith
Athletic Liaisons – Middle School
Co-Chair – Justin Mapes
Co-Chair – Alan Schoellkopf
Co-Chair – Preeti Ghosh
Co-Chair – Lee-Ann Graham
Blue & Gold Day – Middle & Upper School
Chair – Carol Vig

Blue & Gold Day – Lower School
Co-Chair – Rachel Richards
Co-Chair – Linsley Smith
Co-Chair – Zi Lichliter
Co-Chair – Gina Glathar
Ice Cream Dads Co-Chair – Kevin Peck
Ice Cream Dads Co-Chair – Brian Minnehan
Celebrate St. Mark’s
Co-Chair – Elizabeth Perry-Miller
Co-Chair – Briana Frenkel
Chapel Committee
Chair – Christi Morrow
Co-Chair – Dotti Singhal
Co-Chair – Rebecca Wilson
Chair – Cynthia Desai
Faculty/Staff Appreciation – Birthdays
Co-Chair – Lindsay Wilson
Co-Chair – Kristy Waterman
Faculty/Staff Appreciation – L/S Conference Luncheons
Chair – Christina Jimenez
Faculty/Staff Appreciation – All F/S Luncheons & New Faculty Dinner
Co-Chair – Sepi Mostafavipour
Co-Chair – Keri Ellis
Faculty/Staff Appreciation – Monthly MS & US
Co-Chair – Lea Guiler
Co-Chair – Kim Loftus
Faculty/Staff Appreciation – Monthly LS
Chair  – Judy Bosita
Fall Fun Day
Co-Chair – Natasha Desai
Co-Chair – Adrienne Wagner
Hockaday/St. Mark’s Joint Meeting
Chair – Tiffany Rubi
Holiday Decorations
Chair – Amanda Trevino
Co-Chair – Andrea Nayfa
Co-Chair – Sue Fair
Co-Chair – Melinda Woodward
Co-Chair Elect – Paige Slates
Co-Chair Elect – Cindy Stager
Co-Chair Elect – Aimee Whitaker
Co-Chair – Joy Coit
Co-Chair – Hollee Hirzel
Junior Patrons’ Guild
Co-Chair – Rhonda Marcus
Co-Chair – Charmaine Tang
Library – Green Library
Chair – Teresa Katsulos
Library – Lower School
Chair – Julia Kaufman
Chair-Elect – Rachel Richards
Lion’s Closet
Co-Chair – Natalie Sorrell
Co-Chair – Rebecca Wilson
Co-Chair – Meimei Zhao
Lost & Found
Co-Chair – Amy Peck
Co-Chair – Sharon Freeman
Chair – Monique Hohmann
New Families
Chair – Cindy Brown
Chair-Elect – Lea Guiler
Parent Education
Chair – Dee Dee Hoak
Student Store
Chair – Chudar Schlehuber
Upper School Spirit Parties
Co-Chair – Cathy Cole
Co-Chair – Stacy Elliott
Volunteer SignUp Genius
Chair – Raquel Renda
Voter Registration
Chair – Moyo Ajaja
Hockaday PA President
Ex-Officio Member – Heather Hays
2020–2021 Class Representatives
12th Grade Reps
Natalie Siegel
Amee Joshi
Nancy Goldberg
Aparna Crosnoe
11th Grade Reps
Deb Young
Danielle Egan
10th Grade Reps
Jane Backes
Nicole Williams
9th Grade Reps
Stephanie Nelson
Lauren Sutherland
8th Grade Reps
Raksha Jain
Dana Dunbar
7th Grade Reps
Cindy Hanson
Allison Levy
6th Grade Reps
Elizabeth Hofmann
Christina White
5th Grade Reps
Catherine Brady
Angie Cooper
4th Grade Reps
Lisa Kirby
Sarita Telukunta
Mary Reid Tevis
3rd Grade Reps
Ashley Coker
Tiffany Wilmer
2nd Grade Reps
Sara Gail
Stephanie Harbour
1st Grade Reps
Mia Brous
Ashley Ellis

St. Mark’s School of Texas

10600 Preston Road
Dallas, Texas 75230


About Us

St. Mark’s School of Texas is a private, nonsectarian college-preparatory boys’ day school for students in grades 1 through 12, located in Dallas, Texas. St. Mark’s aims to prepare young men to assume leadership and responsibility in a competitive and changing world.

St. Mark’s does not discriminate in the administration of its admission and education policies on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin.