Community Service

St. Mark’s develops the habit of community involvement to awaken concern for those coping with hardship and to instill a lifelong commitment to service and advocacy. A meaningful program of mandatory community service will raise social awareness, develop the ability to communicate respectfully with all individuals, and teach sound leadership values and skills.

St. Mark’s distinguishes between community service and charity by emphasizing the educational, person-to-person nature of community service. Such service enables our students to play a beneficial role in the Dallas community, as well as in agencies serving special needs within the city. Students acquire knowledge and deepen understanding of their community through presentation of experts, direct observation, and personal experience.

Upper School students are required to complete 15 hours of service per year. A minimum of 10 hours is required for the first part of the year. The remaining five hours are required at the end of the second period. Middle School students will participate in a class project in the spring or the fall. Since the goal of the program is to foster empathy, develop an appreciation for a broad range of backgrounds and experiences, and to encourage students to step out of their traditional daily interactions, students will not receive community service credit hours for service at a private camp, church, synagogue, mosque, music/dance school, etc. unless they are directly involved in outreach through their organization.

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  • Community Service Board 2019–2020

    Toby Nwafor and Christopher Wang

    Chief Operations Office
    Jack Trahan

    Media Manager
    Tianming Xie

    Benny Wang

    Sam Ahmed
    Arjun Nair
    Toby Nwafor
    Devan Patel
    Kathan Ramnath
    Matthew Raroque
    Charlie Rubarth
    Jack Trahan
    Rahul Vashi
    Christopher Wang
    Tianming Xie

    Michael Anderson
    Gabe Bines
    Will Chance
    Jack Davis
    Owen Goldberg
    Knobel Hunt
    Collin Katz
    Jamie Mahowald
    Rishi Mohan
    Tamal Pilla
    Sai Thirunagari
    Sivakrishna Uppalapati
    Benny Wang

    Sahil Dodda
    Niles Harvey
    Zack Lightfoot
    Ashvin Nair
    Bryce Nivet
    Matthew Shen
    Ekansh Tambe
    Jonathan Yin


    Aadi Khasgiwala
    Will Grable

    Middle School Co-Chairs
    Jimmy Francis
    Aditya Shivaswamy
  • General Guidelines

    • We encourage students to wear St. Mark’s apparel.
    • Remember that you represent St. Mark’s when you are out in the community. Be an active participant and remember your actions are a direct reflection on our School.
    • The Community Service Director and/or an Assistant will attend all major functions along with various faculty members from both schools. There will be some activities that will not be chaperoned by faculty but will be monitored through the agencies with whom the service is completed.
    • Academic responsibilities always come first and should not be postponed in order to comply with students’ service hours.
    • Enjoy what you are doing, and others will enjoy having you help. Remember that the benefit runs both ways: others will benefit from your help and you will benefit from your engagement by building on your leadership, communication, and decision-making skills. This will help you develop socially and academically by being able to integrate your learning experiences with practical knowledge.
  • Hours Due 2019–2020

    Service requirements to be fulfilled between September 1, 2019 to May 31, 2020.

    2019–2020 Due Dates

    January 22
    10 hours minimum due

    April 6
    5 remaining hours due

    May 1
    Hours due for Seniors and President’s Service Award

    May 31
    Final day to enter hours for the current school year
  • Important Dates

    Clothing Drive
    September 19–20 

    Food Drive
    October 7–21 

    Candy Drive
    November 4–8

    Gift Drive
    December 2–18

    Blood Drive
    February 19

    Spring Basket Drive
    March 23–April 6 

    Austin Street Dinners
    October 10, 2019
    December 12, 2019
    February 13, 2020
    April 9, 2020
    June 4, 2020 (Alumni)

    Middle School Grade Level Projects 
    5th Grade: October 24, 2019 - Dallas Animal Services
    6th Grade: November 1, 2019 - TBD
    7th Grade: March 7 - North Texas Food Bank
    8th Grade: April 4, 2020 - Bonton Farms
  • Community Partners

    Austin Street Bingo (Wednesday)
    Austin Street Dinners (4 times/year)
    Best Buddies
    Bridge Lacrosse Dallas
    Chess for Humanity
    Feast of Sharing (Junior Class)
    For the Love of the Lake (Saturday)
    Genesis Shelter (Thursday)
    Genesis Thrift Shop
    Gooch Elementary Tutoring (Saturday)
    Habitat for Humanity (January – March )
    Hope Supply Co.
    Kid-Netic Games
    Live Beyond (Haiti)
    Martin Luther King Community Center
    Music Healing
    North Dallas Shared Ministries
    North Texas Food Bank
    Rays of Light (Friday)
    SPCA of Dallas
    Special Olympics
    St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store (Saturday)
    Texas Basset Hound Rescue
    Texas Tree Foundation
    The Jubilee Center (Saturday)
    The Salvation Army:
        Angel Tree
        Carr P. Collins Social Center (Saturday)
        Cedar Crest Corp Community Center (December)
    West Dallas Community Center
    Foster Kids Charity of Dallas (Freshman Class)
  • Requirements

    • Grades 5–8: Participation in projects organized by the Middle School Community Service coordinators. 
    • Grades 9–12: Fifteen hours of service per year.
    • The year is divided in two periods. A minimum of 10 hours is due by January 22, 2019. The remaining five hours are due by April 8, 2019. 
    • Students are reminded that community service is external to the School. Therefore, most service opportunities will occur after school hours or on weekends.
    • Because the goal of this program is to open up new horizons, students may not receive community service credit for volunteering at St. Mark’s, a private camp, church, mosque, synagogue, temple, music/dance/riding school, sports clinics, etc. unless they are involved in service outreach through that organization (reaching those outside the organization membership and into the community such as the Brendan Court Program carried out at School after hours and during the summer).
    • Eagle Scout projects may be used to claim service hours, but only the portion involving direct work with the beneficiaries of the project count. Planning, traveling hours, etc. do not count. Boys may recruit friends and classmates. 
    • Professional internship hours do not qualify as service hours, unless you are reaching out to a specific community.
    • St. Mark’s is a certifying organization for the National President’s Service Award. The School orders awards for the students who qualify at the end of each school year. All hours count toward the award, including summer hours. Awards are given based on age category as determined by the organization. May 1 is the last day to submit hours for the Service Award.
    • Some projects and events are shared with The Hockaday School. Both directors take turns to transport and chaperone shared projects and events.
  • x2Vol

    Click here for the x2VOL Registration PowerPoint (Grade 9)
    Click here for the x2VOL Registration PowerPoint (Grades 10, 11, 12)

    Accountability – All hours are submitted through Students may sign up for projects offered by the Community Service program, or they may enter their own project. Although it is not a requirement, it is a good idea to submit projects to the Director of the program for approval, prior to doing a personal project to ensure qualification. Students must keep a record of the Community Service projects they attend on their own. Getting hours approved involves these major steps:

    • Entering the number of hours (the actual service hours at the event plus one hour for transportation). 
    • Assigning those hours to the 10-hour goal in January or 5-hour goal in April. 
    • Including an email from the agency that will be used to verify the hours served. 
    • Checking the “Honor Principle” box. 
    • Hours must be entered online and paper forms can be uploaded.

Community Service Brochure (2019–2020)

Meet the Team

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  • Photo of Jorge Correa

    Jorge Correa 

    Spanish Teacher, Community Service Director
    (214) 346-8220
    University of Chile - B.A.
  • Photo of Isabel Cisneros

    Isabel Cisneros 

    Spanish Teacher and Assistant Director of Community Service
    (214) 346-8309
    Baylor University - B.A.
    Middlebury College - M.A.
  • Photo of Christina Jarke

    Christina  Jarke 

    Director of the St. Mark's Fund
    (214) 346-8273
    Texas Tech University - B.S.
    University of North Texas - M.Ed.
  • Photo of Kurt Tholking

    Kurt  Tholking 

    Computer Science; MS Basketball; MS Lacrosse
    Miami University - B.S.

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