Honoring the Class of 2021

On Thursday, May 27, 2021, 102 young men donned white dinner jackets and walked across the stage on the Ida M. and Cecil H. Green Commencement Theatre. As St. Mark’s honored all the incredible Marksmen of the Class of 2021, Eugene McDermott Headmaster David W. Dini presented the three major School prizes.
The Headmaster’s Cup is awarded by the Headmaster with the advice of the faculty to the senior who best exemplifies the traits that St. Mark’s seeks to foster in its students: the quest for excellence, intellectual curiosity and commitment, service to the School and community, and concern for others.
Seemingly able to be everywhere at once, this year’s honoree possesses the energy and drive to make things happen. A faith-centered young man who thinks deeply about life and his role in the world, he seeks first to listen and understand. With a strong intellect and personal determination, he has willingly embraced the academic rigor of St. Mark’s, making the most of every opportunity. A nationally competitive athlete, Eagle Scout, member of Lion & Sword, Student Alumni Association and so much more, he simply makes a difference wherever he goes. In addition to his many commitments here at St. Mark’s, this young man devotes time to the Visiting Nurses Association, Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, and other programs that support children with special needs. In a year that has been anything but normal, he has provided exceptional leadership when it was needed most, serving as a prime mover every step of the way. He’s organized events, led our community forward, cheered on his classmates, teachers, and younger Marksmen, always looking for opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others. Without a doubt, he’s taken his role as Student Body President to heart. It is my great pleasure to present the 2021 Headmaster’s Cup to Blake Hudspeth. 
The School Flag is awarded by the faculty and presented by the Head of Upper School to a senior for loyalty, dedication, and distinguished service to the School.
This year’s winner is an exemplar of ‘loyalty, dedication, and distinguished service.’  It seems like every time I turn around, this young man is there, brimming with enthusiasm. Never one to take anything for granted, this Marksman provides a steady stream of energy and optimism for everyone in our community. A talented multi-sport athlete and character-driven leader, he sets the highest standards for himself, and for others. Eagle Scout, Ethos Program leader, Lion and Sword, and member of the Discipline Council, this young man serves as a powerful role model for younger boys. A talented artist and member of the Fine Arts Board, he is kind-hearted, compassionate, and dedicated. Whether he’s pitching fastballs on the baseball field or delivering a mean southpaw spike on the volleyball court, he’s an impact player. This year’s recipient of the School Flag is Daniel Sanchez.
The J.B.H. Henderson Citizenship Cup is awarded by the faculty and presented by the Head of Upper School to the senior who has genuine concern for others and is dedicated to the ideals of honor and justice.
This year's recipient of the Citizenship Cup is a true renaissance man. He’s a competitive multi-sport athlete that leaves every ounce of energy on the field, a devoted scholar with a genuine love of learning, and a compassionate and thoughtful friend and classmate. Armed with a clear sense of right and wrong, this Marksman exemplifies what it means to be a responsible leader. He’s a passionate storyteller, dependable team player, and someone who’s not afraid to take a difficult stand. Along the way, he’s garnered recognition for his contributions in journalism, athletics, and academics, even earning the prestigious Morehead-Cain Scholarship. He’s been active on The ReMarker as a staff writer, creative director, and finally, senior editor and Editor-in-Chief of Focus magazine. From soccer, piano, and Student Council to Track & Field, community service, and more, this Marksman is a global thinker, and creative leader, above all, a young man of character and humility. The 2021 recipient of the J. B. H. Henderson Citizenship Cup is Cristian Pereira. 
Several students received recognition for their outstanding accomplishments during the 2020–2021 school year at the Upper School Final Assembly. Colin Igoe, Head of Upper School, announced the following 2021 senior award recipients:
For his commitment to the St. Mark’s volleyball program; his excellent performance in mathematics, his willingness to help classmates that are struggling, for the tutoring of younger Marksmen; and for his overall integrity, honor, and humility, the faculty presents a special award to Tristan Doan
For his steadfast support and kindness toward all of his teachers; his passion to create beautiful pieces of the written word; his dedication to the St. Mark’s Wilderness Program and Athletic Training Program; and for his love of nature and his generous care for his classmates, the faculty presents a special award to Blake Broom
For his nuanced scholarship, for his dedication to the outdoors and the St. Mark’s Wilderness Program, for his quiet yet steadfast leadership within in his class, and for his patience and concern for his peers, the faculty present a special award to Sam Morgan.
This student has not only had his photography grace the covers of St. Mark’s publications but he was also recognized as a National YoungArts Foundation winner for his work. He’s more than a man behind the camera; he’s a community builder with tenacity and positivity. For his innumerable talents that will take him far in the art world starting in New York City this fall, the faculty presents a special award to Jerry Zhao.
For his outstanding YoungArts Merit winning work in Wood and Metal, for his passion and curiosity to explore creative ventures, for his genuine investment and devotion to the Vescovo soil sampler research project and his dedicated leadership in the Maker Space, for his insatiable thirst for learning and willingness to take risks, and for his determination and initiative to stretch his education beyond the curriculum and truly chart his own course, the faculty present a special award to Alexander Emery.
A teacher’s ultimate reward is to witness the love of their subject demonstrated by their students’ accomplishments, and this Marksman did just that. A member of Cum Laude Society; a member of the Chinese Honor Society. He is a dedicated and responsible young man, displaying diligence and remarkable motivation. For his exemplary leadership to the Chinese club; for his achievements of national recognition in both violin and figure skating, for his outstanding contributions in and out of the classroom; for his extraordinary academic achievement. The faculty presents a special award to Matthew Ho.
For his leadership in the Journalism suite, Drama program, and choir, this quiet servant leader makes meaningful contributions in all that he does. An award-winning writer and Latin scholar, this gifted and talented student and scholar pours his heart into every project. Above all, for exemplifying excellence in mind, body, and character, and inspiring the same in others, the faculty presents this Special Award to Jamie Mahowald.
Regarding Abraham Lincoln, in 1893 it was said, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power,” and this quote is applicable to this young man. For his leadership in every aspect of the St. Mark’s community including being a four-year class president, for his commitment to athletic and academic success, for his selfless service and mentoring to all Marksmen and faculty, the faculty presents a special award to Aayan Khasgiwala.
For his deep appreciation of different cultures and languages, for his outstanding athletic and academic career, for his commitment to journalism, his love for the School — and the countless hours he invested as editor-in-chief of the 2021 Marksmen yearbook, the faculty presents a special award to Josh Mysore.
For his investment in all activities, his leadership in TELOS, for his strong academic accomplishments, and for the sincere and courteous way he treats his classmates and faculty, this Marksman’s contributions elevate every classroom or extra-curricular activity he is in. A four-year journalist and ReMarker Editorial Board member, the faculty presents a special award to Sai Thiranugari.


    • Blake Hudspeth ’21

    • Daniel Sanchez ’21

    • Cristian Pereira ’21

    • Commencement Speaker LTG. Steven Shepro

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