The Upper School Drama Program presents


Recorded Saturday, Feb. 18, 2024,
in the Eamonn Lacey Black Box Theater

Nathan Aldis (Nun, Ensemble)
Guru Aroul (Time the Enchanter, Ensemble) 
Dylan Bosita (Black Knight, Ensemble) 
Luke Cathey (Herbert’s Guard, Ensemble) 
William Clarke (Sir Bedevere)
Daniel Deng (King Arthur) 
Alex Dobbs (Finland Mayor, French Taunter)
Noah Dolle (Sir Not Appearing, Ensemble)
Alex Dobbs (Finland Mayor, French Taunter) 
Payton Elder (Herbert)
Callan Fox (Guard, Ensemble) 
Madrid Garrett (Frenchie, Ensemble) 
John Gum (Minstrel Band, Ensemble)
Anne Marie Helfrich (Knight who says Ni, Ensemble)
Maddie Isaac (Herbert’s Father, Ensemble)
Ian Lockard (Guard, Ensemble) 
William Loftus (Maynard, Ensemble) 
Winston Miller (Dennis/Sir Galahad) 
Shantiv Monga (Not Dead Fred, Ensemble) 
Saxon Moseley (Lady of the Lake) 
Alex Nelson (Concord, Ensemble) 
Nina Ohler (Scenic Painter, Ensemble) 
Lukas Palys (Sir Robin)
Mitchell Walker (Patsy) 
Miller Wendorf (Sir Lancelot) 
Thomas Whitehurst (Galahad’s Mother, Ensemble) 
Stella Wrubel (Historian, Ensemble) 

Katy Tye - Director
Tinsley Silcox - Musical Director
Kai Belvin - Stage Manager
Seth Magill - Technical Director
Amanda Drubin - Choreographer
Jack Benavides - Scenic & Props Painter
Griffin Goodno - Light Board Operator

Jonathan Gregoire - Keyboard
Karly Stern - Violin
Joe Guzman - Trombone
Laura Chicarello - Horn
Nate Collins - Drums
Jaime Esposito - Percussion
Ellen Kaner - Reed I
Christy Springer - Reed II
Lacey Hays - Trumpet I
Adam Miller - Trumpet II
Henry Beal - Bass
Rodman Steele - Guitar/Banjo

Thank you to the 7th and 8th Grade Technical Theater Class for the scrolling landscape and banners!

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