A Visit from President Jefferson

History came alive at Middle School assembly, where Markmen received a very special visit from a Founding Father. All the way from the eighteenth century, the third President of the United State, Thomas Jefferson, greeted boys and shared stories from the birth of our nation. President Jefferson was impressed with the Marksmen’s knowledge of Colonial America as he described the challenge of uniting the country following the Revolution.

“At one time, we were 13 individual nations, arguing over the differences among us,” President Jefferson told boys. “But we were able to bring those nations together through compromise and resolution on behalf of the common good.”

As he entered Decherd Performance Hall, Jefferson paused to shake hands with many of the boys. As President, Thomas Jefferson ended the British tradition of greeting visitors with a bow, preferring instead to shake hands. He also brought with him a large parchment on which was written his most famous work: The Declaration of Independence.

“By bringing these ideas alive, Mr. Jefferson imparts a powerful and memorable lesson in an approachable and easily remembered way,” said Middle School history teacher Greg Crook. “He shows the boys that they are living the promise of our nation’s great ideals.”

As a Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson played a key role in the creation of the United States following the American Revolution. In addition to serving as President from 1801–1809, Jefferson also served as Vice President, Secretary of State, Minister to France, and represented Virginia in the Continental Congress during the Revolution.

“I've always wanted to see a prominent figure in history speak, and Thomas Jefferson certainly fits that description,” said Grayson Redmond ’24. “It definitely inspired me to learn more about history, especially about President Jefferson specifically.”

President Thomas Jefferson, portrayed by Bill Baker, was touring Dallas-area schools and sharing the story of America’s birth on behalf of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

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