From the President of the Parents' Association

Dear St. Mark’s Parents,
While our boys are enjoying the summer break, the St. Mark's Parents' Association is in full swing planning activities for our entire community. From Back-to-School parties to organizing the Lions’ Closet to staffing the Cafeteria, St. Mark's parents are already hard at work enriching the lives of our Marksmen!
Please take a minute to login to the St. Mark’s website (click Login above) and find the following important information:
Volunteering is easy with our online volunteer tool, The School Volunteer (TSV). TSV is quick and easy to navigate:
  • Log in to the St. Mark’s website using your username and password.
  • Choose 'The School Volunteer' on the Resource Board, which will open a new page.
  • On the TSV page, log in using the email address (not user ID) and password associated with your St. Mark's website login. If you have trouble logging in, please contact Sam Insel at
  • Click the 'Volunteer' tab, choose the appropriate division (Lower School, Middle School, or Upper School), and the volunteer opportunities will appear.
  • To review your volunteer selections, click the 'My Assignments' link under the 'Volunteer' tab.
  • If you have specific questions, click on 'Contact Chair' and you can automatically send an email to the Committee Chair, or contact Sally Hudspeth at
We are grateful for your continued support and involvement.
Throughout the year, the Parents’ Association will continue to post all relevant information on the Class Pages of the St. Mark’s website. Don’t miss out! Check your Class Page on a regular basis.
I wish you a relaxing and enjoyable summer and look forward to seeing you as the school year begins.
Warmest regards,
Mary Beth Duffy
President, St. Mark’s Parents’ Association 2016-2017

Parents' Association Officers

2016–2017 Executive Committee

President – Mary Beth Duffy        
President-Elect – Debbie Jenevein                 
VP Communications – Claire Newman          
VP Celebrate St. Mark’s – Abby Williams            
Secretary – Cindy Baker                         
Treasurer – Natalie Siegel             
Treasurer-Elect – Mary Dalrymple                  
Upper School Coordinator – Renza Diaz                                    
Middle School Coordinator – Courtney Flanagan             
Lower School Coordinator – Miranda O’Rear
Parliamentarian – Kathy Mallick             

2016-2017 Board of Directors
All School Spirit Night – Lion Pride Night
Co-Chair – Darcy Ribman
Co-Chair – Kim Shultz
All School Spirit Night – Fan Blizzard
Chair – Renza Diaz
Athletic Banquet
Co-Chair – K.T. Crocker      
Co-Chair – Ricki Rabin        
Athletic Liaisons – Lower School
Co-Chair – Brian Graeme            
Co-Chair – Alan Schoellkopf
Athletic Liaisons – Middle School
Co-Chair – Kyle Gordy
Co-Chair – Brian Graeme
Co-Chair – Beth Arsenault          
Co-Chair – Julie Parolisi
Blue & Gold Day – Middle & Upper School
Chair – Leigh Koch
Blue & Gold Day – Lower School
Co-Chair – Pat Gum
Co-Chair – Monica Mapes
Co-Chair – Angella Estess            
Co-Chair – Karen Foster
Ice Cream Dads Co-Chair – Ryan Bowles              
Ice Cream Dads Co-Chair – Conrad Mirochna      
Celebrate St. Mark’s
Co-Chair – Aparna Crosnoe
Chapel Committee
Chair – Cathy Bankston
Co-Chair – Aki Shane
Co-Chair – Margie Smith
Chair – Amee Joshi
Faculty/Staff Appreciation – Birthdays
Co-Chair – Amsler Bell
Co-Chair – Elizabeth Perry-Miller
Faculty/Staff Appreciation – L/S Conference Luncheons
Chair – Moha Yepuri 
Faculty/Staff Appreciation – All F/S Luncheons & New Faculty Dinner
Co-Chair – Michelle Lockhart
Co-Chair – Lisa Rocchio      
Faculty/Staff Appreciation – Monthly LS/MS/US
Co-Chair – Kathryn Lambeth
Co-Chair – Tammy Lightfoot
2016–2017 Board of Directors (cont.)

Fall Fun Day
Co-Chair – Megan Sun
Co-Chair – Aimee Whitaker                  
Hockaday/St. Mark’s Joint Meeting
Chair – Kristi Hall
Holiday Decorations
Chair – Katie Collins
Co-Chair – Lori Jones          
Co-Chair – Ann Mahowald
Co-Chair – Liz Morris
Co-Chair Elect – Stephanie Baker        
Co-Chair Elect – Julie Clark
Co-Chair Elect – Betsie Sears               
Co-Chair – Rachel Castrillon                 
Co-Chair – Jennifer Hirschbrich
International Program
Chair – Lisa Smith
Junior Patrons’ Guild          
Co-Chair – Larissa Batta
Co-Chair – Karen Naseck
Library – Green Library
Chair – Teresa Katsulos
Library – Lower School
Chair – Tiffany Rubi           
Chair-Elect – Kim Loftus
Lion’s Closet
Co-Chair – Carolyn Buckenham 
Co-Chair – Kim McCutchan                 
Co-Chair Elect – Cricket Burton           
Co-Chair Elect – Rebecca Wilson
Chair – Katy Rubarth         
New Families
Chair – Cathy Cole
Chair-Elect – Stephanie Anderson      
On Line Volunteer System
Chair – Sally Hudspeth
Chair-Elect – Manushi Khasgiwala
ROAR Store       
Co-Chair – Amy Ochs
Co-Chair – Liana Yarckin   
Student Store
Chair – RayAnn Hurst        
Chair-Elect – Melissa Katz
Hockaday PA President
Ex-Officio Member – Katharine Friguletto
2016–2017 Class Representatives
12th Grade Reps
Ann Cope 
Kathy Crow
Kama Koudelka         
Katherine Roberts     
11th Grade Reps
Danielle Daugbjerg
Dana Roseman
10th Grade Reps
Libby McCabe
Karen Pollock             
 9th Grade Reps
Anne Beard                
Dotti Singhal              
8th Grade Reps
Sue Fair             
Andrea Nayfa             
7th Grade Reps          
Zoe Bonnette
Mamta Mehta
6th Grade Reps
Kimberly Malouf                 
Paige Slates
5th Grade Reps          
Melanie Jabbour                 
Katherine Steinbrueck                
4th Grade Reps
Molly Babilla              
Lisa Gardner              
Monique Hohmann   
3rd Grade Reps
Lea Guiler
Christina Jimenez
2nd Grade Reps
Rachel Goldberger
Chris Kennington
1st Grade Reps
Nicole Householder   
Kate Tholking

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