Marksman Wins Jeopardy!

On Monday, November 14, dozens of St. Mark’s students, teachers, and parents gathered in Graduate Hall to watch the nightly episode of Jeopardy! It was a surreal experience for one Marksman, who sat in the crowd watching himself compete on the national gameshow. After auditioning with 300 other students who scored highest on the application test, Connor Pierce ’19 appeared on the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament in Washington, D.C.

“It was the greatest experience I've had in my life!” Connor said. “The game was sort of a blur to me because all of the strategy you think about before the game kind of goes out the window and you have to just play.”

The episode was a thrilling back-and-forth game and Connor went into the Final Jeopardy round in third place. Graduate Hall erupted in cheers when Connor provided the correct question, “What is prohibition?,” to the given answer: “This practice officially began in Pakistan in 1977, 44 years after an amendment ended it in the United States.” All three contestants answered correctly, but Connor risked enough to come out on top, becoming a Teen Tournament Semifinalist.

“Mr. Mlakar, my Quiz Bowl coach, prepared me for the show by doing some practice rounds during lunch,” Connor said. “Mr. Smith and my advisor Mrs. Santosuosso were also really encouraging and helpful.”

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