Class Wins National Vocabulary Challenge

The Class of 2032 has been named the national champion in its division of the 2023-2024 WordMasters Challenge, an annual vocabulary competition involving nearly 125,000 students nationwide.
This is the fourth consecutive year that St. Mark’s fourth graders have claimed the national title.  
Perfect scores for the last meet were earned by Leo Cavenaghi, Peter Dunlap, Clayton Choi, Noah Cooper, Grant Matthews, Carter Reed, Ibrahim Salman, Kevin Tan, Aaron Tu, George Gottschall, Jackson Leven and Lyndon Vecchione.
Ibrahim Salman also earned the individual highest honors in the overall competition with a cumulative score of 60 out of 60 points. With cumulative scores of 58 points, Fletcher Carron, Daniel Ahmed and Kevin Tan qualified for highest honors, which are reserved for students who are among the top 10 to 15 students in their division nationwide for the entire year. 
“Having facilitated WordMasters for several years, even prior to teaching at St. Mark’s, I’m very familiar with these challenges and the types of questions they ask,” said Lauren Fischer, fourth-grade Humanities and Life Skills teacher. “Hands down, these were three of the toughest challenges I’ve seen the program publish, and these boys absolutely rose to the occasion. By the third set of words, they were seasoned in their study skills and were wholly dedicated to the team’s hopes of achieving the best finish possible.”
The WordMasters Challenge is an exercise in critical thinking that first encourages students to become familiar with a set of interesting new words (considerably harder than grade level) and then challenges them to use those words to complete analogies expressing various kinds of logical relationships.
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