Seniors Awards Announced

On Thursday, May 26, 2022, 99 young men donned white dinner jackets and took the stage in the Ida M. and Cecil H. Green Commencement Theatre. As St. Mark’s honored all of the incredible Marksmen of the Class of 2022, Eugene McDermott Headmaster David W. Dini presented the three major School prizes.
The Headmaster’s Cup is awarded by the Headmaster with the advice of the faculty to the senior who best exemplifies the traits that St. Mark’s seeks to foster in its students: the quest for excellence, intellectual curiosity and commitment, service to the School and community, and concern for others.
This 12-year Marksman has a remarkable ability to seamlessly move from one activity to the next without missing a beat. An inquisitive and determined scholar, enthusiastic multi-sport athlete, and gifted artist whose creativity is seemingly boundless, this young man can do it all. In and out of the classroom, he strives for excellence and seeks to make a positive difference in the lives of others. One teacher commented that this Marksman is “the definition of a true servant leader,” always looking to help others while seeking nothing in return. The term “renaissance man” gets thrown around way too much, but in this case, he fits the bill and fits it well. A young man of deep faith and remarkable determination, he seeks meaning and purpose at every turn. Whether guiding younger Marksmen on the Pecos, lifting his voice as a leader in the Choir, or performing on stage, he makes the most of his God-given abilities. Eagle Scout, Telos, Fine Arts Board, All-State Choir, and so much more, this young man leaves nothing undone. It is my great pleasure to present the 2022 Headmaster’s Cup to Xander Bowles.
The School Flag is awarded by the faculty and presented by the Head of Upper School to a senior for loyalty, dedication, and distinguished service to the School.
This year’s recipient of the School Flag is a model citizen and an exemplar of the St. Mark’s motto ‘Courage and Honor.’ He demonstrates consistent dedication and loyalty at every turn and strives to make a difference in the lives of others. A talented scholar-athlete and natural servant leader, this young man provides a steady stream of optimism, determination, and boundless enthusiasm. Upbeat, focused, and kind-hearted, he sets the bar high and has earned the respect and admiration of classmates and teachers alike. Lion & Sword, Discipline Council, McDonald’s Week, Literary Festival, Student/Alumni Association, Jefferson Book Award, and a four-year letterman and senior co-captain of the lacrosse team, and our speaker at Baccalaureate just a few nights ago. This young man thinks of others before himself and relishes the achievements of his peers. Tonight’s honoree exemplifies the qualities we seek to instill in every Marksman, always looking for opportunities to serve and contribute. Please join me in recognizing this year’s recipient of the School Flag Henry Schechter.
The J.B.H. Henderson Citizenship Cup is awarded by the faculty and presented by the Head of Upper School to the senior who has genuine concern for others and is dedicated to the ideals of honor and justice.
When I think of a Marksman who is passionate about making a difference and dedicated to the ideals of Honor and Justice, this young man immediately comes to mind. His commitment to doing the right thing and setting an example for others is matched only by his selfless determination. While never seeking the limelight or recognition, he understands the right thing is often the difficult and even the unpopular thing. Never one to shy away from a challenge, this young man also appreciates the importance of working in partnership and bringing people together in support of common goals. From classroom discussions and Chapel talks to thinking about ways to make our community stronger, he puts himself on the line day in and day out in search of excellence, purpose, and meaning. A powerhouse in the classroom and active community servant, St. Mark’s is a better place because of the thoughtful contributions of this Marksman. It is an honor to present the J.B.H. Henderson Citizenship Cup to Enoch Ellis.
Additionally, several students received recognition for their outstanding accomplishments during the 2021–2022 school year at the Upper School Final Assembly. Colin Igoe, Head of Upper School, announced the following 2022 senior award recipients:
The Striving and Achieving Award is given to a member of the senior class who, inspired by the example of the School’s founders, has worked selflessly and loyally for his school. This award symbolizes the notion that St. Mark’s rewards striving and achieving, coupled with humility and devotion. For his outstanding academic achievements, his selfless service to journalism, his commitment to athletics, and his humility, determination, and poise, this year’s award goes to Will Pechersky.
The Senior Special Awards are given by the full faculty to young men who have made special contributions to the school during their St. Mark's careers.
For his commitment to upholding St. Mark’s values of intelligence, compassion, and integrity; his dedication to the advancement of the sciences; his leadership in community service; and his unwavering commitment to cross country and track and field teams, the faculty presents a special award to Zach Lightfoot.
For his unyielding support for Lion athletic teams — as an athlete himself and one of their biggest cheerleaders, for his faithful mentoring of younger Marksmen, for his enthusiasm and support of so many facets of the school community, and for his dedicated service as editor-in-chief of the Marksmenyearbook, the faculty presents a special award to Camden Reeves.
This student is the best distance runner in St. Mark’s history and yet you will never hear him boast about himself. His leadership qualities are revered by his peers. His character and integrity are above reproach. His dedication and work ethic are legendary. For continually putting the team and school priorities before himself, the faculty presents a special award to Sahil Dodda.
For his dedicated and inspired leadership of The Marque production team, for his remarkable work in photographing and speaking about the plight of refugees at borders around the world, for his genuine empathy and care for his classmates and the St. Mark’s community, and for his lively personality and positive leadership abilities, the faculty presents a special award to Ekansh Tambe.
For his quiet yet steadfast leadership within his class, his commitment to St. Mark’s athletics, his thoughtful scholarship and contributions in the classroom; and for his care and concern for the legacy and future of the St. Mark’s community, the faculty presents a special award to Zack Stone.
For his steadfast companionship with his classmates, his profound respect toward faculty, his intellectual curiosity, his determination to become a world citizen, his championship performance in Quiz Bowl, his award-winning Wood and Metal work, his technological precocity with computers, his commanding oratorical presence, the faculty presents a special award to Tomek Marczewski.
For his true love for learning, his steadfast, humble leadership as captain of the tennis and Math teams, for his volunteer service in the Brendan Court summer program, and for his mentorship to many Lower School boys, the faculty present this special award to Alex Ryan.
For his passion for the Chinese language and culture, his dedication to younger Marksmen, for his empathy and willingness to work every day for the betterment of the School, and for the sensitive and thoughtful leadership he exhibited in leading The ReMarker to cover topics of relevance and importance as its editor-in-chief, the faculty presents a special award to Austin Williams.
For his unassuming leadership, his consistent excellence in academics and fine arts, and for his dedicated service to his class during McDonald’s Week and the Senior Auction, the faculty presents this special award to Adam Wang.
For being an incredible ambassador for St. Mark’s while abroad; for his voracious appetite for reading, for his precision in writing and speaking, for responsibly and courageously defending his ideas while being open-minded to others, for his kindness, and for his outstanding achievement in being named to the National Speech and Debate Associations Academic All-American team, the faculty presents a special award to Zayn Bhimani.
    • Xander Bowles ’22

    • Henry Schechter ’22

    • Enoch Ellis ’22

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