Athletes Honored

As the school year drew to a close, St. Mark’s honored its athletes and coaches at this year’s Athletic Banquet, held on campus on Friday, May 17, 2019.
“The skills, values, and lessons that our boys learn in athletics are an essential part of the St. Mark’s experience and a critical step on the path to manhood,” said David Dini, Eugene McDermott Headmaster. “Guided by some of the best coaches and role models, our boys learn the value of respect for one another, as well as for their opponents.”
At the Banquet, Athletic Director Mark Sullivan announced the recipients of the major senior awards:
The Tony Briggs Spirit Award is presented to a senior who has been constructively active in creating spirit and enthusiasm among the student body to the support of athletic teams and events, has been engaged in a variety of athletics as a competitor, has displayed, as a participant, enthusiasm and dedication, and has shown sportsmanship among the students and athletes of schools with which we compete.
This young man’s presence is felt in every area of this campus. He is an enthusiastic participant in two varsity sports this year, an-11 team participant throughout his Upper School career, a captain on this year’s football and lacrosse teams, and the students’ choice for Student Council President. There isn’t anyone on campus who doesn’t know him, and his commitment to his class and this School has been exceptional. The recipient of the Tony Briggs Athletic Spirit Award is Landon Wood.
The Red Barr Award is presented to a senior who has demonstrated the ideals by which Red Barr lived: patience, understanding, sportsmanship, and dedication to excellence in the classroom as well as on the playing field.
This young man has dedicated himself to being the best at what he does. He has committed unmeasurable amounts of time to his craft without losing sight of his need to serve his teammates. He has worked diligently towards helping his immediate team and has served as an ambassador for the School and his sport on a national and international level. At the same time, he has helped nurture our youngest athletes and helped them develop the same love for the game that he has. The recipient of the Redd Barr Award is Chase Honaker.
The Arnold E. Holtberg Athletic Leadership Award is presented to a senior who embodies the ideals of character and leadership in every facet of his participation on the playing fields, in the locker room, and around campus.
Every coach looks for this young man. He is everything I envision as a representative of this award, and in turn, I know for a fact this is the kind of athlete every coach at this School dreams of having on his team. A tenacious competitor on the field, and yet a consummate gentleman off. There is no doubt this young man has led by example throughout his career, and also no doubt that those around him have been brought up to a higher level by just playing beside him. The recipient of the Arnold E. Holtberg Athletic Leadership Award is Blake Rogers.
The Thomas S. Adams Athletic Plaque is awarded for consistently fine contributions to the attitudes, the performance standards, and the sportsman-like conduct of the St. Mark’s Varsity Athletics.

In athletics, we talk about things like intensity and grit all the time. We say things like “this guy left it out on the field on every play”, or he always gave 110%. What do these things really mean though? What do they really look like? If you’ve ever seen this young man run, whether in practice or a contest, or ever seen him play a soccer game, you know exactly what those words and statements mean. This young man has brought an intensity level to this program that not many can match. His inner drive is incredible and it’s what pushes him on the track, on the field, and in the classroom. He doesn’t take days off, and he doesn’t look for shortcuts. He simply digs deeper. The recipient of the Thomas S. Adams Athletic Plaque is Seth Weprin.

Several Marksmen athletes were also recognized for receiving All-SPC Honors, including:
  • Cross Country All-SPC: Seth Weprin ’19, Pablo Arroyo ’20, Andres Arroyo ’20, and Julian Ivarra ’21
  • Football All-SPC: Davis Malouf ’19, Anthony Andrews ’20, and John Harbison ’19
  • Volleyball All-SPC: Albert Luo ’19, Daniel Sanchez ’21, and Tristan Doan ’21
  • Basketball All-SPC: Harrison Ingram ’21 and Andrew Laczkowski ’21
  • Soccer All-SPC: William Holtby ’20 and Seth Weprin ’19
  • Swimming All-SPC: Mark Weisberg ’19, Nicolas Gomez ’22, Jack Palmer ’21, Daniel Wu ’21, Ryan Park ’21, David Li ’20, and Robert Newman ’19
  • Wrestling All-SPC: Colin Neuhoff ’19 and Elijah Ellis ’22
  • Baseball All-SPC: Cole Arnett ’19
  • Golf All-SPC: Romil Mathur ’20
  • Lacrosse All-SPC: Parker Clark ’19, Blake Rogers ’19, Jonathan Taylor ’19, and Ryan McCord ’29
  • Tennis All-SPC: Adnan Khan ’19 and Matthew Pollock ’19
  • Track & Field All-SPC: Kit Colson, Seth Weprin ’19, Enoch Ellis ’22, George Lamb ’19, Andrew Arroyo ’20, Pablo Arroyo ’20
  • Water Polo (TISCA All-State recognition): Chase Honaker ’19, Robert Newman ’19, Mark Weisberg ’19, and David Li ’20.
  • Crew (Team MVPs): Christian Duessel ’20 and Billy Lockhart ’20
    • 2018–2019 Varsity Team Captains

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