College Deans of Admission Share Insights

On Tuesday, January 30, 2018, College Counseling Office hosted its annual College Deans of Admission Program. This year's panel included:

  • Sally Stone Richmond, Vice President for Admissions and Financial Aid, Washington & Lee University
  • Charles Carabello, Associate Director of Enrollment Management, The University of Georgia
  • Scott Allen, Senior Associate Dean & Director of International Recruitment, Emory

During a morning session, the Deans offered insights to Upper School parents about what they look for in an application and how Marksmen can best appeal to their desired university.

"Values, when you're deciding between applicants, matter almost more than anything," said Scott Allen. "If I am reading a St. Mark's student's application, I want to learn organically that this young man understands the values of the institutions that he wants to be a part of."

College essays and summer activities were also topics of interest in the discussion and the Deans shared some stories from their vast and varied experiences. In speaking to parents, the Deans encouraged them to let their sons take the lead in the admission process and to avoid the "activities arms race."

"Recently, I've seen that students are getting the message that it's not quantity of activities but quality of experiences that we care about," said Sally Stone Richmond.

In the afternoon, the sophomore and junior classes had a chance to hear advice from the Deans and ask questions in anticipation of their entry into the admission process.


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