In the Upper School, we are committed to the St. Mark’s mission of educating the whole boy by helping our students grow up into young men of integrity and character. Paramount to educating the “whole boy” is connecting him to his peers, the St. Mark’s faculty, and the School’s programs. Walking around campus, you will see boys engaged in conversation, studying in Centennial Hall or the Senior Lounge, or throwing the Frisbee on the quad. Throughout the day students visit with their advisors, meet with their teachers, and discover and develop their passions through involvement in their athletic, artistic, and service pursuits.

The academic life in the St. Mark’s Upper School is rich and vibrant. Our faculty are skilled teachers and curious learners who employ methodologies to make the courses and programs they lead current and relevant. The boys play an equally vital role in creating a palpable intellectual ethos on campus. They take charge of class discussions and seek out their teachers for further understanding even after class is long over.

At the core of our philosophy are the Pillars of St. Mark’s: Integrity, Confidence, Judgment, Passion & Curiosity, Ethics & Spirituality, and Balance. Through our Leadership and Ethics Program, we pursue these guiding principles in our classrooms, our art studios, our athletic spaces, and in the formal and informal interactions between students and adults. Above all, we strive to help our students understand and develop their own values and habits of minds so that these bright and motivated boys acquire skills and develop dispositions that will prepare them for lives of leadership and service as professionals, citizens, and family members.

K. Patrick Andrén
Head of Upper School

St. Mark's School of Texas

10600 Preston Road
Dallas, Texas 75230


About Us

St. Mark’s School of Texas is a private, nonsectarian college-preparatory boys’ day school for students in grades 1 through 12, located in Dallas, Texas. St. Mark’s aims to prepare young men to assume leadership and responsibility in a competitive and changing world.