Senior Sculpture Takes Flight

Every year, one senior is chosen to create a unique sculpture to display on campus the whole year after he has graduated. This year, Bryan Graham ’24, a four-year wood and metal student, designed the Senior Sculpture that was recently unveiled on campus. Between the Chapel and Fine Arts wing, a red bird soars as a symbol of Graham’s reflection on his St. Mark’s experience.

“After eight years at St. Mark's, I feel ready to spread my wings and go out into the world ready to take on challenges that are thrown my way,” Graham said. “I made this piece as a legacy showing how I feel my experiences at St. Mark’s have prepared me.”

Wood and metal teacher Rachel Muldez highlighted the technical mastery required to complete a project with so much meaning. 

“The newest senior sculpture is a beautiful reminder of our alumni taking flight on their life's journey,” Muldez said. “The physical nature of the sculpture required many hours of calculations. The bird stands on a large hidden structure that Bryan spent months designing, to ensure safety for viewers. Bryan worked out challenges by making model after model. His dedication and hard work have left us with something remarkable to gaze at all year long.” 

Graham’s works throughout Upper School have been representative of the way he sees the world. He hopes that community members who walk by his statue feel personally impacted and compelled to make a change.

“I am constantly inspired by the things I see when driving and spending time in nature,” Graham said. “I hope to continue exploring these abstract sightings through my art. I’m able to create aesthetically pleasing pieces that also contain my personality and functional integrity. Ultimately, my goal as a designer and craftsman is to make unique art that inspires and enhances the viewer who looks at them.”


    • Bryan Graham ’24 installs his sculpture.

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