A lion returns to protect the pride

A Lion has returned to protect his pride as St. Mark's adds a familiar face to its roster of off-duty Dallas Police Officers. Buildings may have changed since his time as a student, but for DPD Officer Humberto Martinez ’07, 10600 Preston Road feels like home.

“I’m happy to be back in any way, shape or form for a school that gave so much to me,” Martinez said. “The reasons I’m back here at St. Mark’s are the same reasons why I wanted to be a Dallas police officer. I literally work where I grew up.”

Martinez was raised in West Dallas and later moved to Farmer’s Branch and Carrollton. He entered St. Mark’s in the seventh grade. During his freshman and sophomore years, Martinez was often dropped off much earlier than most students due to his father’s work schedule.

“He would drop me off sometimes at 5 a.m. and [physical plant staff member] Jose Murtalla would lead me into Davis Hall,” Martinez said. “I would just sleep in [former faculty member] Mr. Weadon’s office until he arrived around 6 a.m. Mr. Weadon would turn on Classical 101, and I would get all my homework done and eat. I still do all my studying with classical music.”

Many faculty and staff left deep impressions on Martinez as a student, and he has enjoyed reconnecting.

“[Physical plant staff member] Don Denman went with us on my Pecos trip and when [Director of Security] Dale Hackbarth was introducing me to the staff recently as an employee, Don asked if he could give me a hug,” Martinez said. “I hugged him, and we talked about the Pecos. Dr. Marty Stegemoeller was also a big part of my time here. Before class, he would always open his room for anybody to come in at any time. Instead of studying, we would sit and talk. Discussing being a man and doing things right were some of the best times."

After graduation, Martinez attended Austin College, where he played football. He then entered the corporate world but soon realized he needed a more ‘physical vocation.’ He trained in mixed martial arts in college and decided to fight professionally for several years while also focusing on a career in law enforcement. The lessons he learned at St. Mark’s continue to benefit him as a police officer.

“The biggest thing St. Mark’s taught me is being able to write,” Martinez said. “If you close your eyes and you’re reading one of my police reports, you’re right there. The better you can do that, the better officer you’ll be.”

Martinez is excited to return to the place that meant so much to him as a child and continues to as an adult. He plans to build rapport and guide the Marksmen he serves and protects.
    • Officer Martinez chats with a fellow Marksman.

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