St. Mark’s Named Top Photo Program

For the 15th time in 16 years, St. Mark’s Photography was named the “Top Program” by the Association of Texas Photography Instructors (ATPI). The “Top Program” award is given by a panel of six judges who evaluate and rank portfolio submissions from both public and private schools. Schools submit three, ten-image portfolios in various categories and are awarded points by the panel. This year, there was a four-way tie for first place, which resulted in a “head-to-head” evaluation to determine the best overall quality based upon technical proficiency, visual sophistication, and conceptual motivation. Ultimately, St. Mark’s came away with the title.  
“My job is to set the bar high, show them that it is achievable, give them the tools necessary for success, provide guidance when asked, and then simply get out of the way,” said Scott Hunt, Arnold E. Holtberg Master Teaching Chair and St. Mark’s Photography Instructor. “My philosophy remains unchanged: teach the boys how to see and develop an ingenuity mindset. Both skills – looking at challenges from differing perspectives and thinking ‘outside the box’ – are attributes that can be utilized in any career path.” 
“Mr. Hunt challenges us to produce the highest quality photos and that’s why, by the end of the year, students have so many good photos to be used in the ATPI contest,” said Tiger Yang ’25. “Being able to work with other Marksmen in the program is simply rewarding.” 
Students whose work was represented in this year’s submission include Drake Elliott ’22, Evan Lai ’22, Anashay Monga ’22, Nicholas Koch ’22, Owen Simon ’22, Henry Piccagli ’22, Ekansh Tambe ’22, Paul Valois ’22, Sam Adams ’23, Aidan Peck ’23, Hayward Metcalf ’23, Akash Munshi ’23, Daniel Weinstein ’24, Christian Neisler’24, Zachary Bashour ’24, Hudson Brown ’24, Warner Hartnett ’24, and Tiger Yang ’25. 
“I think the most valuable lesson I learned from Photography is releasing my ego and immersing myself completely into the art, whether I’m creating a simple portrait or an intricate visual narrative,” said Paul Valois ’22. “It is no secret why St. Mark’s continues to win ATPI’s Top Program competition: Mr. Hunt’s leadership and constant help in developing our portfolios.”

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