Seniors Honored

On Friday, May 24, 2019, 94 young men donned white dinner jackets and walked across the stage on the Ida M. and Cecil H. Green Commencement Theatre. As St. Mark’s honored all of the incredible Marksmen of the Class of 2019, Eugene McDermott Headmaster David W. Dini presented the three major School prizes.
The Headmaster’s Cup is awarded by the Headmaster with the advice of the faculty to the senior who best exemplifies the traits that St. Mark’s seeks to foster in its students: the quest for excellence, intellectual curiosity and commitment, service to the School and community, and concern for others.
This Twelve-Year Marksman has set a standard of excellence that is simply exceptional. A gifted scholar and athlete whose contributions and accomplishments will go down in the record books. Determined and focused, humble and soft-spoken, this young man has taken St. Mark’s by storm. Harvard Book Award, Ralph B. Rogers Book Award, three-sport athlete, and civic-minded volunteer, he has certainly lived up to the values and ideals we hold dear. His performance across the board has been stellar – in the classroom, on the playing field, and in the arts. A young man of genuine faith and conviction, he cares deeply about family and strives to make a positive difference both on and off campus. He earned all SPC honors, was named team captain and MVP in three different sports, and graduates near the top of his class. I’ll never forget watching this young man step out of his shoe half-way through the SPC Cross Country Championship race freshman year, and still just barely misses All-SPC honors. This young man is tenacious, and he’s all heart. The 2019 recipient of the Headmaster’s Cup is Seth Weprin. 
The School Flag is awarded by the faculty and presented by the Head of Upper School to a senior for loyalty, dedication, and distinguished service to the School.
Poised, easygoing, and fun-loving, yet focused, determined, and disciplined, this year’s recipient is a natural in front of any audience. He always greets you with a smile, no matter the occasion. This Marksman literally brims over with enthusiasm and, to meet him, you’d think he simply never has a bad day. However, don’t let the rosy exterior fool you. This young man has depth, and he has substance. Wherever he goes, goodness follows. He has set the highest aspirations for himself, his classmates, and his teammates, and he accepts nothing less than full effort. He loves this school with his whole being, and does everything possible to care for it, nurture it, and make it a little bit better each and every day. A devoted scholar, hard-working athlete, and gifted artist, this Marksman not only serves as President of Lion & Sword, but he also helps lead the Student Alumni Association. He will certainly leave St. Mark’s better than he found it, and for that, we are eternally grateful. This year’s recipient of the School Flag is Shane Ndeda.
The J.B.H. Henderson Citizenship Cup is awarded by the faculty and presented by the Head of Upper School to the senior who has genuine concern for others and is dedicated to the ideals of honor and justice.
This year's recipient of the Citizenship Cup is an inquisitive and passionate scholar, dedicated multi-sport athlete, selfless contributor, and modest class leader. His list of honors and awards is noteworthy – Lion & Sword, Cum Laude, Spanish Honor Society, McDonald’s Week Co-Chair, Dartmouth Book Award, and so much more. This Marksman can engage in just about any discussion imaginable, there seems to be no topic beyond his reach. He cares for others and seeks to make a difference at every turn. Respected and admired by classmates and teachers alike, this young man knows how to get things done. He has a passion for aviation, in particular, aviation photography, and he’s pursued this interest with vigor. Also a gifted writer, this Marksman has poured himself into the School, this year serving as managing editor of The ReMarker. Just recently, he was not only recognized as the top student journalist in the state but also named the 2019 National High School Journalist of the Year. Quite an honor. It is with great pleasure that we award the 2019 J.B.H. Henderson Citizenship Cup to Parker Davis.
Additionally, several students received recognition for their outstanding accomplishments during the 2018–2019 school year at the Upper School Final Assembly. John Ashton, Interim Head of Upper School, announced the following 2019 senior award recipients:
For his leadership on the Community Service board and the Brendan Court Summer program, his leadership with the Literary Festival, and his contributions to The ReMarker, the faculty presents a special award to Sahit Dendekuri.
For his commitment to and involvement in multiple stage productions; for a love of learning that pushed him to exceed the required curriculum; for his passion for words and demonstration of language’s power to give beauty and meaning to the world; and for his exemplary leadership of the Poetry Club, the faculty presents a special award to Jonah Simon.
This student was recognized as a 2019 Young Arts Finalist and Gold Award winner earlier this year. Just three weeks ago, he was named a Presidential Scholar in the Arts, one of only twenty visual and performing artists selected from the 3.6 million high school graduates this year. The faculty presents a special award to Kyle Smith.
One of the finest scholars in his class, his love of language has motivated him to attain distinction in both Latin and English. A self-motivated learner, he goes far above and beyond the given assignments in his classes, choosing to pursue learning for its own sake. A tennis player, a four-year member of the math team, champion Rubik’s Cube solver, Captain of the award-winning Latin competition team and winner of the National Latin Exam Gold Medal in grades 5 through 11, the faculty presents a special award to Creston Brooks.
For his commitment to exemplary scholarship; for his love of learning and willingness to always challenge himself and others; for his leadership and service to The Marque and The ReMarker, the faculty presents a special award to Matthew Coleman.
For his steady and admirable leadership style, for being a magnet for his classmates and setting the tone in all arenas of our School, for always keeping the best interests of St. Mark’s and the students he leads at the forefront of his decisions, for his service to St. Mark’s in athletics, community service, and the Student Council, and for always willing to step in to do any task that supports his peers and St. Mark’s, we give a Special Award to Landon Wood.
For his contribution in the classroom and extraordinary academic achievement; for his judicious service to the discipline committee and his compassionate treatment of others; for his selfless and generous spirit; for his profound appreciation of his teachers and his education; and, above all, for exemplifying excellence in mind, body, and character, and inspiring the same in others, the faculty confer this Special Award on Ruoming Fan.
For his exceptional contributions to both the lacrosse and football programs serving as captain of both; for his unwavering personal commitment to excellence as well as his leadership and willingness to hold others accountable to being the best versions of themselves; and for the class, character, grit, and toughness with which he has represented St. Mark’s in every game and in every practice that he has ever played, the faculty presents a Special Award to Blake Rogers.
This Marksman consistently greets his peers and teachers with a smile and a positive comment, even on days when he may be tired or irritable himself. His good cheer coupled with his sense of justice and honor relaxes and encourages those around him. His steadfast adherence to truth and fair play made him a natural leader of the Discipline Council. Thus, because of his regular and unswerving loyalty to St. Mark’s and its core principles, the faculty presents a Special Award to Alex Baker.
For his outstanding contributions and positivity; for his unselfish and consistent love for his community shown through various leadership roles, including student council and donating to charity through various cooking sales, and for his desire to lead by example and contribute to the small and large community in multiple ways, the faculty presents a special award to Darius Ganji.
    • Seth Weprin ’19 receives The Headmaster's Cup.

    • Shane Ndeda ’19 receives The School Flag.

    • Parker Davis ’19 receives The Citizenship Cup.

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