Alumni Board

From the President

Alan Schoellkopf '91
The Alumni Board is the governing body of the St. Mark’s Alumni Association. Our vision is to be recognized nationally as the best independent school Alumni Association demonstrated by superior alumni engagement and contributions. The defined mission of the Board is to advance the well-being of the School, to sustain its high standards, and to promote a closer relationship between the School and the Association.

Our Member values are identified as (1) Commitment to making St. Mark’s better; (2) Passionate involvement, generosity and service; (3) High standards; (4) Pursuit of learning and growth; (5) Promoting camaraderie and fun within the St. Mark’s Community.

Executive Committee
Alan Schoellkopf ’91, President
Jeff Genecov ’77, Vice President & Nominating Committee Chair
Seth Collins ’02, Secretary
St. Mark’s Fund Chair – Cory Morrow ’87
Mentor/Networking Chair – Michael Prentiss ’02
Activities/Alumni Weekend Chair – Ross Ruschhaupt ’04
Alumni Weekend Golf Tournament Chair – Byron Neuhoff ’88
Alumni Awards Chair – Paul Genender ’87
Rogers Award Chair – Chris Winn '99
Young Alumni Chair – Arish Gupta ’03
Ad Hoc Executive Committee Member  – Randy Ackerman ’68

Alumni Board Members

Ivan Irwin '50
Mike Mac Adams '65
Randy Ackerman '68
J.C. Snead '68
Jack Goetz '73
Sandy Campbell '76
Tom Fagadau '76
Jeff Genecov '77
Perch Nelson '79
David Wood '82
George Diamond '83
Dave Stager '83
Eric Boyce '84
Jamie Rogers '85
Topher Broom '87
Paul Genender '87
Cory Morrow '87
Byron Neuhoff '88
Lowell Ku '89
Ryan Bowles '90
Michael Flanagan '90
Jon Morgan '90
Alan Schoellkopf '91
William Taylor '93
Mason King '94
Craig Meyers '94
Jeremy Downs '96
Reid McGlamery '96
Allen White '97
Miles Lamont '98
Matt Wallach '99
Chris Winn '99
Parag Vaidya '00
Jake Wagner '00
Michael Prentiss '02
Robbie Baty '02
Seth Collins '02
Arish Gupta '03
Ross Ruschhaupt '04

St. Mark's School of Texas

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Dallas, TX 75230

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St. Mark’s School of Texas is a private, non-sectarian college-preparatory boys’ day school for students in grades 1 through 12, located in Dallas, Texas. St. Mark’s aims to prepare young men to assume leadership and responsibility in a competitive and changing world.