School Hosts First Responder Training

On Thursday, October 26, 2017, more than 40 health and security professionals from across the Dallas/Ft. Worth area gathered on St. Mark’s campus for a Stop the Bleed training. Created in response to a Presidential Policy Directive for national preparedness, this training is meant to equip first responders with the skills they need to handle accidents or tragedies.

“EMS can take up to ten minutes before arrival. It’s pretty much a fact that civilians are always the first ones on a scene,” said Dale Hackbarth, St. Mark’s Head of Security, who organized the training. “In emergency situations, severe bleeding is a common cause of death. A little training on how to apply direct pressure, pack a wound, or apply a tourniquet to stop the bleeding might save a life.”

The training was led by Dr. Alex Eastman, Trauma Medical Director and Chief at The Rees-Jones Trauma Center at Parkland Hospital and a Lieutenant and Deputy Medical Director at the Dallas Police Department. Dr. Eastman was a first responder during the 2016 shooting of police officers in downtown Dallas. He also saved the life of Mr. Hackbarth, who suffered a gunshot wound while serving a warrant with Dallas SWAT.

“By the time we’re done today, everyone in here should be able to save the life of someone who’s bleeding to death,” Dr. Eastman said.

This “Train the Trainer” certification course brought together local school administrators, coaches, athletic trainers, school nurses, teachers, and security personnel. Several members of St. Mark’s faculty and staff also attended, including the School nurse and those who work with students in the Athletic Department and Wilderness Program. After a short lecture, each attendee demonstrated proper technique in applying direct pressure, packing wounds, and using a tourniquet. In the event of a tragedy or accident, these professionals will be able to respond quickly and efficiently to stop bleeding and save lives. For more info, see

Dale was interviewed earlier in October by CBS News, where he shared his story and stressed the importance of training first responders.
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