• Four-Year manager of the Varsity Volleyball team
  • Member of the 2018 Varsity Volleyball SPC Championship team
  • Four-year manager of the Varsity Basketball team
  • Member of the 2020 Varsity Basketball SPC Championship team
“Dedication. That is the word that will forever come to mind when I hear the name Anish Karthik. Every other individual who has embraced the role of basketball manager has done so for one year and for the express purpose of avoiding physical education responsibilities. Therefore, I did not know that when Anish approached me prior to the 2018-2019 season that he was altogether different – he WANTED to be a part of the program!  He would always be on time, engaged, and committed to augmenting success in unique ways that would set the bar higher than I ever could have imagined. Technologically, I am what many might refer to as “old school.”  I still print out practice plans and play sheets and the like. You can count my Twitter followers on one hand. I appreciate the efficiency that technological advancements offer, but I have always been a function-over-form sort of guy. Anish came along and took our HUDL game to another level with higher quality video work, streamlined uploading processes, and a host of other improvements. Humble and hard-working, he offered ideas, made himself readily available, and demonstrated an initiative that helped our behind-the-scenes efforts as a coaching staff mirror the on-court excellence provided by the most talented wave of Marksmen athletes in school history. Moreover, Anish’s presence made a difference. His warm demeanor and friendly affect before games seemed to replace anxiety with an appreciation for the fun of the moment. Furthermore, he possesses a wise understanding of how to come alongside the team and support everyone while wholly committing to his role. He made it his mission to be the players’ biggest fan and exalt them in every way imaginable. It remains a mystery to me that Anish could coordinate quality film work while still having a presence in the cheering section for some of our biggest games and then also magically appear in the locker room to celebrate a big win or on the bus, sharing a laugh with the guys. Anish’s contributions have been so important to our success!  From attending community service outings to creating an epic end-of-season highlight montage, he has selflessly wrapped his being around this team. Thank you for your incredible dedication and devotion to the team over the course of three phenomenal seasons. Anish will be dearly missed!”

–Coach Greg Guiler

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